Saturday, 14 January 2012

Choosing a colour palette

Im STILL trying to get my colour palette right! i think i'm pretty much there now though. After my initial research on interior design i came to the conclusion that very neutral colours with small splashes of colour and detail would appeal more to a high end western audience, rather than the busy and colourful embroidery of the Lambani tribe, which is possibly why their textiles are educing in popularity. With this in mind i have come up with this colour palette, lots of whites, creams and silvers.

With regards to the materials and fabric i plan to use, i want to bear in mind how the Lambani women recycle and re-use everything that goes into their embroidery products. I also want to remember how they are part of a tribe, and their textiles tell a story. So i have rummaged in mine and my mothers old fabric boxes and found fabrics that tell a story about me and are from my own tribe's history (my family history). 


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