Friday, 27 January 2012

Today i handed in my project! phew! worked so hard! i will upload images of my final samples once they have been marked, i forgot to take any photographs today.

 Making my final samples!

This week i have been making my final samples! i've tried to do one a day, here are some images of half finished samples. 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Design Development

Spent today working on some more design ideas, i think i'll spend one more day working on these and then  begin my final samples on monday, that gives me five days for five samples, a design development board, a  concept board and my visuals!!! plus i have a work placement interview on tuesday, so got to get my portfolio all up too date... jeeeze going to be busy!

Saturdays work:

Fridays work:

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Design Development 

I am starting to develop the Lambani tribe stitches, through using my market research into the current western interior trends, and found that neutral whites and creams with small splashed of colour are really in at the moment and possibly why Lambani tribe products aren't selling-they are just too busy. These designs and colours remind me of a child's bedroom, perhaps with olive green and small amounts of black i can create designs suitable for the adult. I am really enjoying just playing with the colour and the mood i can create.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Choosing a colour palette

Im STILL trying to get my colour palette right! i think i'm pretty much there now though. After my initial research on interior design i came to the conclusion that very neutral colours with small splashes of colour and detail would appeal more to a high end western audience, rather than the busy and colourful embroidery of the Lambani tribe, which is possibly why their textiles are educing in popularity. With this in mind i have come up with this colour palette, lots of whites, creams and silvers.

With regards to the materials and fabric i plan to use, i want to bear in mind how the Lambani women recycle and re-use everything that goes into their embroidery products. I also want to remember how they are part of a tribe, and their textiles tell a story. So i have rummaged in mine and my mothers old fabric boxes and found fabrics that tell a story about me and are from my own tribe's history (my family history). 


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

In the studio learning the Lambani Tribe embroidery techniques, a really useful and fun day, lots of chatter. I was really pleased with getting to grips the the 'Shisha Stitich' which is a classic technique of the Indian Lambani women and involves stitching small round mirrors to fabric. 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Aesthetic Movement
A reaction to the Great Exhibition 1851

Aesthetic Movement

This week I have been reseaching for my essay on the Aesthetic Movement. A movement which preached 'Art of Art's sake' and involved individuals such as Oscar Wilde, John Rsukin, Whistler and Godwin. It can be argued that it was the predecessor to the Arts and Crafts Movement and that classic 'Morrison' look that we know so well today. Taking place in the last half of the 19th Century, it aimed to step away from the cheaply made nik naks of the industrial revolution and the cluttered wall spaces of the Royal Academy, and take pride in beautifully made objects, and carefully put together rooms. It had a knew air, completely different from the very heavy and sternly set opinions of the Victorians. The movement made way for the 'roaring' 20s and 30s, making way for art deco and art nouveau. 

Peacock Room

Linley Sambourne House 

Oscar Wilde 

Arguably the 'pin up' boy of the Aesthetic movement, and perhaps one of the first celebrities of our time. Oscar Wilde took the well set Victorian ideals and challenged them. His dress, his witty sense of humour, the interiors of his homes, all contributed to this knew aesthetic ideal. It is evident therefore that with his scandal, trial and demise in 1900, the aesthetic movement too died and lost popularity.